Looking for new construction around Sunset Beach?

Having the right agent on board is
key when shopping for new construction, and
is here to help you navigate through your options in the
Sunset Beach area.

Buyers of new construction in a
neighborhood don't like to see houses sold after theirs go for less
money. Knowing this, the builder or developer often won't bend on price.
(You'll appreciate this behavior after you've bought a home in a
development of new construction!) Regardless, depending on the market
and the status of the project, there's sometimes room for negotiation.

For example, if a home has been on
the market a long time and the builder is deeply invested, then you have
some room. The same goes for show or model homes that have been sitting
for a while. However, if a home was recently completed, don't count on
being able to get a deal.

In cases where a builder won't
budge, try getting a break with other aspects of the transaction. Ask
for them to pay a share of the closing costs, or more amenities, like
appliance upgrades, a garage door opener, a sprinkler system or
landscaping, or an extended home warranty. Or take the contrary route.
If a home is nearing completion, you can often save money by passing on
suggested upgrades from the builder and installing things yourself.

Just because a house is brand new,
it can still have its share of flaws. Be sure to get a home inspection
before purchase so that issues are handled and also negotiate a home
warranty. Then, about 10 or 11 months after purchase it's worth it to
pay for an inspection and get anything else repaired before the warranty