Relocating to the North Carolina or Sunset Beach area

When relocating to a new city, you may
have a lot on your mind: a different job, different schools, a different
church, different daily routines, and last but not least, finding a new
place for your family to call "home". At
Fred Thorne Realty LLC, I understand
this, and I am an expert in relocation. I have a long history of finding
buyers the right home by going through a very specific checklist to
help you efficiently narrow your options.

When most buyers go into home search mode
- they may wind up with 50+ listings to see. Naturally, that's too many
properties to see first hand if you're limited on time! I will help you
to narrow your search down to a couple dozen houses, keeping these
items in mind:

  • Before leaving town, put your needs into one list. Then write the things you simply want in another. If a house doesn't even meet your needs, there's no need to even spend time looking at it.

  • Have a predetermined price
    range. This could be based on loan pre-approval or a conservative
    estimate of how much you'll get from selling your present home.

  • Take into account drive
    time to your job or other activities. Traffic in the
    Sunset Beach area could be different than what
    you're used to, so let me know how much time you're ready to spend
    travelling each day.

Before we meet in person, I
could send you my picks for possible homes. Or if you've done your own
research already, let me know what you've found. While seeing listing
photos on the web is helpful, there's nothing like visiting homes in
person. I can arrange any necessary appointments with other Realtors or
homeowners and map a route. We could visit up to 8 or 10 homes in a
single day with the proper planning.